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Teel Lawler-FloresInstructor

Teel took her first Bikram yoga class in 2000 at Bikram Yoga College of India, Dallas. At the time she owned and operated an integrative healing practice. She discovered that the tenets of this yoga series aligned with her philosophy of the body’s ability to heal itself. Because she saw the Bikram series as another healing modality to add to her wheelhouse, she went to Los Angeles and trained under Bikram Choudhury in 2002. She has taught ever since.

Her love for the yoga has only grown through the years. Because of her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, she is very cognizant in her teaching of using proper form. Small articulations can make or break a posture and she attempts to help students understand THEIR body in the postures. In 2014 she wrote a manuscript “Anatomy and Physiology As It Applies To The Postures of Bikram Yoga”, cc.

Teel has a home editing, decorating and staging business, Lawler-Flores Productions, she’s a certified esthetician, she’s an artist, and lives part time in Santa Fe. Her words to live by: “Do your duty and expect nothing in return.”